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Many have been asking why the name has changed.

Soni8 Anti Fouling will now be known as Sonihull8 Anti Fouling with immediate effect.

The reason for the name change is due to a trademark agreement with Sony corporation of Japan.

Their concern was that the Soni of Sonihull and Soni8 would be an infringement on their name, and that people could mistake us as Sony.

NRG Marine Ltd agreed with their legal team that we can keep the trade mark  “Sonihull” as long as it is one word, and can only be used as all capitals or just capital S.
But not as two words and not with just two capitals e.g. SoniHull. 

In return as Soni8 was too close to some of their video products, we would change to Sonihull8.

Although we all know that our client base would never think we are Sony japan, we could never win a legal fight with such a big corporation with an unlimited budget.