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Marine Supplies (International) Ltd’s Managing Director, Gavin Fisher has been working on board the Atlantic Offshore Ocean Osprey Vessel this week in Denmark.

The Ocean Osprey is a 66.8m vessel and was built in Spain in 2014. Atlantic Offshore are a provider of high end of Multi Role Vessels specialising in Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel operations. At present, they are the only vessel operator with fleet wide Class A in both the UK and Norwegian sectors.

Marine Supplies (International) Ltd are installing Sonihul Anti Fouling Systems to both Port and Starboard sea chests and box coolers, along with protection to the emergency fire pump and ballast pump.

On the sea chests and box coolers we are installing ten transducers on both port and starboard which are 1 x SonihullSonihull8 and 1 x Sonihull Duo Anti Fouling Systems. 5 Transducers will be situated on the sea chests, and 5 will be on the box cooler lids on both sides of the vessel.

We will also protect the Emergency Fire Pump and Ballast Pump tank with 1 x Sonihull Duo Anti Fouling System.

Atlantic Offshore felt that change was needed from the old Cathodic Protection Anodes, which were costly and required changing every few years. The Sonihull system will no longer need to be changed every few years, in fact these systems last in the region of 8-10 years, and beyond.

Most importantly, the transducers are installed inside the the vessel itself and do not require any penetrations to any of the surfaces being protected.

For further details on how Sonihull can save your vessel a large amount on capital expenditure and save you a vast amount of money on maintenance charges email or call (+44) 7967 289475.

“No vessel too large or small Sonihull protects them all”