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Grundens is built by fishermen. Their way of thinking and being as fishermen made Grundens what it is today and will continue to shape the future.

Grundens believe in preparation. For fishermen, careful planning and total dedication decide how successful. or enjoyable, a trip will be. Grundens believe in applying this philosophy to all that Grundens do. Taking time to prepare, and getting things right, can be as exhilarating as the big catch.

Grundens believe in respect. Grundens live off the sea, lakes and rivers. Grundens understand how powerful nature can be, and the need to protect us from its force. Grundens also see how very fragile nature ls and know it is our responsibility to take care of it. Respect for nature, in all its senses, must guide all Grundens do.

Grundens believe in adventure. The love of exploring, challenging, and achieving is ingrained in every fisherman. It’s also the very thing that makes us push boundaries, seeking the next.

Grundens must always be on our toes, ready to experiment, innovate and disrupt. Staying put will never be for us.

Grundens believe in the real thing. Fishing is about enjoying and being part of nature at its most honest. It’s about finding pleasure and performing ln all sorts of conditions. Grundens live to enable people doing just that.

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