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Marine Supplies (International) Ltd completed the installation of 2 x Sonihull8 Anti Fouling Systems onto 2 x Sea Chests & Box Coolers on the Gulfmark Highland Princess Vessel on Friday 22nd February at Dales Marine Aberdeen.

The vessel has 3 sea cheats and 3 box coolers on both port and starboard sides of the vessel.

One transducer was installed on the top of each of the box coolers and the other 5 from the Sonihull8 were installed around the sea chest shell.

Both Sonihull8 Control Panels were places side by side in a central position in the engine room using 10m transducer extension leads (14 in total).

There are no penetrations when installing Sonihull Transducers and no maintenance is required for the life of the system.

Sonihull is the No.1 Ultrasonic Anti Fouling System in the world, 100% environmentally friendly and causes zero harm to any marine life.

If you would like a demonstration or price for Sonihull Anti Fouling email or call 0044-7967-289475

“No vessel too large or small Sonihull protects them all“