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Stern drives have always been problematic in terms of antifouling. Due to the many different metals they are composed of, their moving parts and soft bellows, conventional copper impregnated antifoul paints are not an option.

Sonihull coupled with the Stern Drive Adaptor offers great protection to this most important part of the boat that is prone to fouling. Results show an impressive average of 80% reduction in fouling.

This device enables a Sonihull transducer to be simply screwed in, so that ultrasonic signals can be directly injected into the stern drive. The NRG Stern Drive Adaptor mounts via the16-18mm bolt found on the fixed end of the stern drive leg steering ram.


The Benefits

• Cleaner propellers enable the boat can get on the plain quicker
• Faster Acceleration
• Massive saving in fuel economy
• Greater protection of rubber gators and boots. (Without protection hard growth forms and cuts into the soft parts when steering or tilting)
• Additional protection for engine cooling system. (Most stern legs incorporate the engine cooling pick up tube, any growth inside this tube will reduce the flow of water, leading to potential over heating and engine damage)
• Smoother ride under power

£25.00 plus VAT